Which Cryptos will survive the BEAR MARKET?

Mohnish Isaac Kariappa
6 min readMay 15, 2022


Survive or Die? (image made by author)

The Bear Market has made its presence felt across the market. If Bitcoin is down by -55.76% (at the time of writing) from its ATH of $69,000 and other MAJOR Altcoins have been decimated by the BEARS and are down by -80% or more…then please do not beleive anyone saying, “THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT” — cause its clearly not.


Bear & Bull Cycles of the past stand witness, 95% or more altcoins will not survive till the next cycle. So maybe you have invested in a cute INU coin for its logo and a potential 1000x gain…sorry to burst the bubble, but your coin is DEAD & is not coming back. Thats the harsh reality.

Don't believe me? I’ll back my words with data…follow on:

The following images are of the Top 20 crypto coins representing each year between 2014–2017

Top 20 Crypto 2014
Top 20 Crypto 2015
Top 20 Crypto 2016
Top 20 Crypto in 2017

Now you can zoom-in and see every year the list has changed, none of the coins have really held their position in the following year and have vanished from the Top 100 even. Except for 1 exception, and that is Bitcoin. It has held its spot with power & ferocity…truly cementing its title of being the Crypto King.

Also a round of applause to Ethereum for dominating the 2nd spot since 2017 and proving its worth over the last 6 year.

So now that we know its Bitcoin & Ethereum that are true leaders, so which coins have the highest chances of survival in the market after the current bear market settles down?


The Ethereum Killer?

I have no ounce of doubt in my mind that Solana is going to brace the Crypto Winter and hold its ground. Why?

The project utility:

Solana has made the transition for ETH developers absolutely seamless. They very proudly state, if any developer has developed on Ethereum, they are already Solana developers. Imagine the numerous developers over-the-years having an open door to transition to another blockchain without learning everything from scratch. Insane 🚀

Ecosystem Madness:

Solana has positioned itself as an Ethereum Killer…I am not the one to be part of crypto gangs and project loyalist, but yes, Solana does deliver on many fronts where Ethereum has failed to scale.

Leaving the above technicals aside, if you are a layman investor, I would say, Solana has a crazy ecosystem brewing and they are working behind-the-scenes like crazy.

  • Solanax- Decentralised exchange built on Solana
  • Solend- Lending & Borrowing on the Solana blockhain
  • Solsea- Open NFT marketplace on Solana
  • SolHub- The DeFi hub of Solana

These are just few of the craziness brewing on the Solana blockchain, and if you have any idea of

#HackerHouse…you will know the scale of developer economy they are investing in. Absolute beauty in the works 🧨

2. Polygon ($Matic)

Solving problems plaguing Ethereum

The most famous ETH Layer-2 project in the entire crypto space is definitely on my survival list.

has taken the shortcomings of ETH in terms of gas-fees & TPS (transactions per second) and is offering users the wide ecosystem of ETH without blowing a hole in their crypto wallets because of the insane ETH fees.


Matic has also casually pulled a crazy move of 1076X since its listing on

. You cannot NOT be bullish on this project, team, partnerships & the crazy ecosystem its building out so aggressively.

In recent news, Instagram beta-testing its NFT feature will be rolling out through the Polygon blockchain. Casually cool stuff brewing.

3. Cosmos ($Atom)

The entire INTERNET of Blockchains

Cosmos is the new dawn of ‘Internet of Blockchain’ because of its focus on interoperability and customisability. The two key features sets the Cosmos blockchain apart from the rest of the blockchains.


While everyone is so enamoured by the other dominating Layer-1 blockchains,

is a Layer-0 blockchain. Yes, you read that right. A Layer-0 blockchain allows for the creation of other Layer-1 blockchain on top of it. Thats what I call a game-changer.

Not only is the ecosystem of Cosmos growing at a rapid space & its native token $ATOM perfoming supremely well in the market — But the ecosystem with Dapps are growing at a rapid space.

This is also one of the projects I truly believe will survive the Bear Market and deliver in the long-run. BULLLLLISH!

4. Near Protocol

I call it “The Netflix of protocols”

Near is another Layer-1 that tries to navigate the troubled water of going around the whole Ethereum saga of being Cheaper, Faster, more Scaleable & affordable than ETH. This is a story told one-to-many-a-times — not only in the crypto space, but also in this article 😂 and its playing on loop… but Near really does win on the fromt of Scalability.


Near Protocol network scalability is done via Sharding and it has been doing this for quite a while now. Sharding is something Ethereum aims to deploy in 2023 post the ETH Merge.

It does not end there, Near Protocol deploys something called Dynamic Sharding. Dynamic here means, Near protocol can adapt to the size of the shards in real-time, which in turns keeps the fees lows on the network — With such network strength & capability in place, Near protocol can easily handle Transactions-per-second (Tps) numbers that of Visa. BULLLLLISH 🚀


I have limited the projects to only the 4 — ofcourse I have not mentioned Bitcoin & Ethereum, because they need no a survivability guide, since they have proved themselves through the multiple bears cycles witnessed by the crypto space.

Solana, Polygon, Cosmos & Near. I believe that these 4 projects have a very bright future ahead and are bot only building great products, but are also working tirelessly on creating a super supportive communities behind them. Going forward, projects that integrate multiple offerings, such as , Metaverse, Virtual Lands, NFTs, DeFi, Low Fees, Tokenomics, Partnerships are the ones that will survive. We are in a super competitive cycle & this is not 2017, where every random coin will pump 5x-10x in a matter of few weeks…strong utility and use-cases will call the shots.

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