Serenity Shield: Project Research Report

Mohnish Isaac Kariappa
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Project name: Serenity Shield


A direct quote from the project whitepaper:

“The growth of the digital asset class has introduced the world to an asset like no other. Simultaneously intangible and immutable, for so many it now forms the basis of providing financial well-being and security for both ourselves and our loved ones. We regularly store our digital assets in various forms ranging from paper to software and hardware options, accounts on centralized exchanges. However, each of these traditional approaches suffers from significant disadvantages and security vulnerabilities

The project has been built on Solana:

Solana Contract address 9pkudFiG5qhiSQQ8XatPbxZj8zBQ5m4XzHsKHMAGkkCR

Serenity Shield on Solscan

Above screenshot taken from:

Unique Selling Points

  1. Serenity Shield offers a one-of-kind solution to one of the most ignored problems in crypto — the loss of private keys, death of a keyholder or misplacing of hardware wallets
  2. A super well-structured marketing strategy in work for the project
  3. Decentralised Identity Digital (DID) service
  4. Shamir’s Secret Sharing (SSS) algorithm
  5. A Zero-Custodial Serenity Wallet dApp built on the Secret Network
  6. Strongbox — requires 2 of 3 NFT keys to access
  7. A very well laid out roadmap

Audit Report:

Audit of the project will be completed in Q3 2022, the same information has been included within the project roadmap as well. I have included further details down in this deep-dive


The team is fully dox. Majority of the team members are very active on their respective social media networks, in particular Nikos Koukos and Justin Mantell.

CEO- Rodolphe Seynat

COO- Hughes Svay

The team is made-up of 12 core members, including Rodolphe Seynat & Hugues Svay. The other core team members are:

  • Mikhael Gerbet- Head of Technical Chapter
  • Juan Martin Oviedo- Head of Security
  • Liam DeMarney- Head of Administration
  • Nikos Koukos- Head of Communication
  • Candice Baudet- Head of Public Relations
  • Julio Villalobos- Art Director
  • David Martin- Specialist US insurance market
  • Justin Mantell- Business Development
  • Micheal O’Connor- Strategic Partnerships
  • Dan Thompson- Copywriter

All of the above mentioned team members have their LinkedIn profile links under their names on the Serenity Shield website —

Partners &/or Venture Capital (VC) Investors:

They recently announced a new partnership with VC Lyris Capital to go along with the partners and Venture Capitalists are already in place including one of the most promising projects Uniris (Arch Ethic).


March 2022 — a new project partnership was announced with Simont Braun. This is a law firm that will assist with the Belgian regulatory framework of Serenity Shield from the time of the announcement.


Serenity Shield has implemented one of the most detailed project roadmaps in place and it’s look super promising and impressive. The entire roadmap has been phased into the following parts:

Phase 1- Development of the product

Phase 2- Project Marketing (Staking, Farming, campaigns)

Phase 3- Development & Code

The main area of highlights during my research of the project were:

• Interoperability with other networks by Q1 2023

• Audit, penetration tests & Bug bounty program for security

• Marketing for growth

• Staking & farming of $SERSH to increase retail investor participation

• Mobile app deployment to onboard more users within the Serenity ecosystem

A well laid out roadmap like the above clearly defines on the goals of the team and how exactly do they want to deliver a product to their audience.


  • $SERSH is the native token of Serenity Shield
  • 100 million total token supply, initial 25 million circulating supply
  • $SERSH will be a deflationary token
  • Burning Mechanism- The team will buy back $SERSH and burn it by using a percentage of the revenue genereated by the use of their DApp.

20% of the revenue from fees generated via their dApp services will go to a buy back and burn address for a consistent and continuous deflationary token burn ( until 50% of total supply is burned).

Higher the usage of their DApp, higher will be the number of burned tokens

Token distribution model:

Token Vesting period:

  1. Investors with a 4 month cliff — 25% initial release, then linear release for 5 months
  2. Team with a 6 month cliff with 20% initial release, then a systematic release of 20% every quarter
  3. Advisors with a 3 month cliff — 15% initial release, then linear release for 5 months
  4. Private sale rounds 2 months cliff with 20% initial release, then linear release for 5 months

I personally give a big thumbs-up 👍🏻 on how the team have structured the token release schedules to ensure that no initial release can cause a massive dump in the price, but if I consider the fine-print of allocation of tokens between the Team, Advisors & Investors take up 1/3 of the total token supply, a longer vesting period would have been a much better choice. Why? Check the project Internet Computer (ICP) — One of the most promising projects with crazy utility, but the exchange listings have pushed the tokens in the darkest realm of the crypto space.

above screenshot taken from CoinDCX Pro app for ICP/USDT pair, currently down by -99.55% 📉

The revenue streams for the DApp is as follow:

  • Safe-guarding of information: One-time fee of 50 USDC
  • Active Strongbox subscription: 1.99 USDC per month
  • Information retrieval: One-time fee of 25 USDC

The project will enable the DApp fees to be paid in $SERSH tokens in the future. Hopefully that will also bring down the prices I mentioned above & give users the option to choose between USDC & $SERSH Token listing & availability:

29th April, 2022- Serenity Shield held their 1st Round of private sale of the $SERSH token.

Private Sale Round 1 (April)

Minimum Investment: $900 per user with an offer of $0.12 cents/ token (No maximum investment cap for individual investors)

Private Sale Round 2 (May)

Minimum Investment: $400 per user with an offer of $0.15 cents/ token (No maximum investment cap for individual investors)

Public Sale Round (ICO in June)

No minimum investment: Token offer price of $0.2 cents/ token. (No maximum cap)

You will either need a Phantom or Solflare wallet for purchase of $SERSH as this token is built on the Solana network.


Social Media & Community Enagagement:



  • The Discord server has just been created in March 2022. The number of server members are still low and around the 244 mark with 3 bots, but the team is very active while engaging with the community. Questions are also answered promptly by them
  • The server is well segregated and easy to navigate with the multiple channels available.
  • I personally liked their regional channel segregation, with people from different parts of the World having a ‘chill zone’ of sorts.



Putting all of the above simply, Serenity Shield has maximum potential to be a game-changing in the crypto space. The project is actually going out and solving an issue that had no workaround it till now. With the introduction of any new project, there would always be a number of things the team would need to work on & develop, but as the project is still in its early stages of development, there is a lot of room of improvement for the same.

A huge thank you to CoinDCX for giving me this opportunity to write such a detailed report and be a part of the #CoinDCXpathbreaker program, enabling me to share such knowledge with everyone in the crypto space.



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