METAVERSE 2.0 is coming!

You must be wondering what is Metaverse 2.0? Heck, when did Metaverse 1.0 get old? I will explain here. So currently everyone thinks that the Metaverse is only coins that can be bought on exchanges and this coins support the Metaverse through NFTs and Gaming

If you think that the Metaverse is only about NFTs and gaming, then your understanding of the Metaverse itself has become obsolete. There is so much more for us to explore as a user, a virtual world of ours where we experience a new life altogether. When you begin to understand that instead of the Metaverse pulling us into a virtual world, we actually bring a virtual world into ours, is when Metaverse 2.0 comes into play.

The place 🏦

Everyone is talking about how the Metaverse is a place and how every place is different in every ecosystem, Decentraland (MANA) is different from SAND ecosystem, and Blokotopia (BLOK) is completely different from Galax (GALA), but what if the Metaverse is not bound by space or place, but it’s a TIME.

The Time ⏳

Yes it does sound confusing, but hear me out. I believe the Metaverse will be moments in time. This is because the entire Metaverse will be dictated by Artificial Intelligence, and the singularity principle of AI dictates a moment where AI supersedes the smartness of humans. This change of plane will bring in dimensional changes to our existence.

Why? 🤔

This dimensional change will dictate our virtual lives become more important than our actual real world lives, and the process has already begun.

Example: People on Instagram use real-time face filters to change their personality. From getting the perfect glow to adding fake tattoos, social media is making us give more weightage to our virtual self. It’s a paradigm shift in perception.

The gradual change has us accepting it slowly and steadily instead of it coming as a total shocker to us. Not even a single part of our existence is non-digital anymore.

  • Social life- we have gone from real friends to real followers. Interactions and exchange ideas are more intense on sub-reddits and Twitter threads than P2P exchanges. Digital
  • Work life- In the initial days of Wall St, stick brokers took orders on analogue phones and used stock slips to confirm orders. Today we do it by just clicking on the asset and allocating our funds. Digital
  • Gaming- Children have shifted from the playground to the virtual world of PUBG & Fortnite. Digital
  • Status- Celebrities today are spending hundred thousands of dollars on NFTs for exclusivity and not on the vintage Lamborghini Countach. Digital

Everything has taken the digital route. Interviews, gaming, interactions, identification protocols and today we are seeing our money go digital with the help of Crypto.

When does this happen? 🤷‍♂️

I believe in the next 10 years, these ideas will be cemented hard into everyone’s lives. Today our smartphones, gaming consoles, laptops and tablets take up all our attention, and all these are digital mediums. The niche is now buying album records, but the majority is on Spotify & Apple Music. Blu-Ray has been replaced by Netflix.

Currently our attention is split in half between digital and our surroundings, but with the dawn of AR glasses and VR headsets, things will change faster. People are all into escapism and VR will enable that on a whole new level. Imagine exploring the most picturesque views of Italy on VR with all your senses being tapped into.

This will be the dawn of Metaverse 2.0 and it is just the beginning. People underestimate, but crypto will be the biggest enabler of the Metaverse. Since in the virtual world you won’t be able to buy goods through Fiat currency, but a native currency of an ecosystem residing on the blockchain.

Capitalise how early you are to the game and make the most of it through educational crypto content.

A huge thank you to CoinDCX for giving me this opportunity to write such a detailed report and be a part of the #CoinDCXpathbreaker program, enabling me to share such knowledge with everyone in the crypto space.



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