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Crypto Investment Plan screenshot from CoinDCX app

Starting a crypto journey can be a very daunting task with the numerous amount of misinformation floating around the internet. Beginners in crypto get sucked into crypto scams, unprofessional paid groups, 100x leverage greed, telegram pump-and-dump groups and so much more…all to only lose their entire initial investment.

So how do beginners and experienced traders alike navigate through this sea of uncertainty? Well CoinDCX has the perfect answer with their newly introduced CIP (Crypto Investment Plan). This is probably the best way to really get into crypto with a long-term vision.


Well you see, the crypto market unlike our traditional stock market is super volatile in nature. 40–50% price swings on either sides are no big deal for the experienced out there, but for a newbie seeing their portfolio swing with such ferocity, it can be a death bell to their crypto journey.

A systematic and disciplined way of investing money into crypto is the only way to not only maintain a healthy portfolio balance, but also reap the benefits of a crypto asset growth overtime.

How does it work?

The way to navigate and start a CIP with CoinDCX is super simple. You just have to download the CoinDCX app and login (if you already have your KYC verified) or just signup and complete KYC verification process.

On opening the app, the landing page will have the CIP option on the top (refer below screenshot)

On clicking the Buy with CIP option you will be presented with an option to choose your asset of choice:

Currently CoinDCX is offering Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin (BTC), ETHEREUM (ETH) and Solana (SOL) as individual assets to choose from

All the above assets clearly show their return history of previous 3 years, SOL being an exception here because it’s been around for the last year or so only.

Going further, if I select Ethereum for my CIP, I am presented with the following options

This is the amount of money I would like to invest every week into Ethereum. So if someone chooses ₹2000 as CIP amount, then CoinDCX would keep buying ETH worth ₹2000 per week until the CIP is terminated by the end-user.

Please note: the CIP amount will be debited from the CoinDCX wallet itself, so make sure it is sufficiently funded by INR before due date.

The beauty of the CIP plan by CoinDCX is the customisation according to the end user, example:

Say I want to invest ₹16,000 per month into crypto, but I don’t want to only invest into BTC. With the CIP plan, I can now break-up the ₹16,000 into

  • ₹500 per week into SOL (₹2000 per month)
  • ₹2000 per week into ETH (₹8000 per month)
  • ₹1000 per week into BTC (₹4000 per month)
  • ₹500 per week into ADA (₹2000 per month)

With the above method, I would not worry if all the assets are down by 10% after a week, since now my purchasing power will be higher with prices down. This kind of average buying yields the greatest amount of return and outperforms a lump-sum buy every time.

Over a longer period of time, this methods will actually bring a lot of power to your portfolio.


Trading short terms swings can feel euphoric and trading with high leverage provides the rush while trading, but those kind of activities are equally harmful to your trading journey. The introduction of CIP by CoinDCX will yield the best return for investors and keep you in the game for the longe-term. Imagine your CIP for the next 10 years on BTC and having BTC cross the $1 million milestone. Your portfolio will be on the moon 🚀

Start your CIP journey with CoinDCX in 3 easy steps:

  • Signup with your Name, Email and mobile number
  • Accept the CoinDCX’s terms of service
  • Complete your KYC verification and add your bank account details
  • Once approved, deposit Fiat through your approved bank account and select your CIP plan according to your risk appetite



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