How to research crypto projects

Mohnish Isaac Kariappa
2 min readMar 14, 2022


For all the crypto newcomers looking to take risk into early projects and see considerable upside in gains by being an early adopter/investor in projects, here are 7 things you should keep in mind when doing your project research.

  1. Market cap – This is all the money that has been put into a coin. When retail traders buy into a coin, they contribute to the increase in its market cap. This could be one factor to research and buy projects that have a lower market cap and thus has a larger room for future growth, because more people are yet to discover and pour their money into that coin.
  2. Wallet Holders – This is the total number of all the crypto wallets holding a coin. While this metric is not given a large importance by many, as part of your research, you could figure out if the coins are concentrated amongst a small group of buyers. This can give you a clear picture if the number can have an impact on overall price of a big wallet deciders to cash out in the future.
  3. Community – One basic fundamental to the rise in price of a coin is its growing community. How fast is the community growing? This can be measured by checking social media metrics, number of mentions of the coin, and official telegram following on daily basis.
  4. Use case – What does the coin aim to solve? This can be something you resonate with according to sector and believe in. It can also help you in determining how future-proof the concept is.
  5. On-Board Partners – When a coin actively increases its partnership with other projects, it shows that other established players in the market also believe in the viability of the coin. Partnerships also help to increase the project visibility and legitimacy of the project.
  6. Team – This by far is a very strong indicator about the project, as it helps in determining the brains behind the project. Usually a strong team not only has a clear idea around the development of the project, but also follows the laid out Roadmap to maintain investor confidence.

Bull market or Bear market, great teams always keep developing their product without losing focus. These are usually the projects that survive a tough crypto winter!

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